Diversified Lending Group USA is a brokerage and financial consulting company that offers extensive knowledge in investment banking, financial services, real estate, and various operating companies. With problem-solving and opportunity facilitating programs, we handle a variety of debt and equity capital for real estate and business ventures. We also assist with obtaining alternative working capital financing to companies unable to obtain conventional bank financing.

Since every company is unique, Diversified Lending Group USA examines each business model and works to determine financing needs and creates a plan tailored to meet those needs. The key to successful financing is understanding the client as well as the market. As a financial organization, Diversified Lending Group, USA cooperatively creates an entire financial package with clients to achieve defined goals.

Areas of Expertise:

– Real Estate Financing                                   – Business Lines of Credit

– Secured Bridge Financing                             – Start-Up Funding

– Acquisition Funding                                      – Machinery/Equipment Financing

– Expansion Financing                                     – SBA Loans (Up to 90% LTV)

– Factoring/Accounts Receivable                    – Term Loans

– Working Capital                                            – Accounts Receivable Credit Lines